03a11 rockS!

Friday, April 18, 2008

greetings from japan!

yoohoO! *echoes* anybody here? haha... i think there's a thick layer of dust collecting on this blog so i decided to come clean it up! heee... hope everyone's good with their final exams in uni now... :D my semester just started in japan but haha.. SEP = no need study ;p keep in touch!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

confirmed class outing this sunday 26 aug!


thanks for (most of) your prompt replies! after consolidating the response, majority of us can make it on sunday for dinner, save for jiesong and yijun who didnt reply, and yuhui who can only make it in the day. therefore, our upcoming fun 03a11 outing will be on 26th august sunday 6pm! by request, let's eat at fisherman's wharf, which is just opposite clark quay mrt! :D

so everyone better keep the day free and not pangseh! most importantly, DON'T BE LATE!!!!! last to reach treats everyone! cya then!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

class outing this sat or sun!

hi guys!

after much procrastination, i am here to initiate our much talked about non-existent class outing! (despite having school and projects, unlike those flying off soon SIGH. haha!)

here are two proposed dates!
25 august 07 saturday
26 august 07 sunday

either lunch or dinner!

if i'm not wrong, peishan shuying kaori yijun will be flying off for exchange/school soon, so we must really meet up! pee's flying off on 1st sept so this is the last weekend liao, plus i think the more we drag, the more we will just not meet.

so everyone, please keep these two days free for now and quickly reply so we can set on one date k! thankss!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank you zhenni

Hmmm. then that makes it 4 of us that actually still remember this place. lol. and i'm still working. till end of month. aha

er. dont know also. i submitted on the day application ended haha. somemore recently i've the habit of putting my phone on silent and non-vibration mode and not picking up calls. end up with lots of missed calls from unknown numbers over the past few weeks. and when i try to call back. most of them never pick up. maybe one of the call's from them haha. they just missed out on a great guy in their camp. saved me 300 bucks too.

has anyone asked yijun bout the chalet? she said that she'll try to arrange for one but until now there's no answer. what kind of attitude is this? she better square it away.


that week is good becos i have orientation camps BEFORE and AFTER that week! so that week da best! lets choose a weekday since we're not working anymore (right?) and its gonna b easier on everyone's schedule? okokok?? heeeeheeeeee yipeeeeee!!!

btw, i went obs, and i had this super instructor!!! shes like WAH~~~
nice tan, speaks like PERFECT english with a PERFECT voice and humourously sarcastic and wonderful physique and adventurous and fun and with a damn coooooooooooooool name!!!! (mauricette!) oh did i mention shes like pretty young too?

looking forward to seeing more meimeis when school starts ;)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

chalet + stupid huat

okok it's time to put words into action! i have yet to check with yijun, but how abt having our nassim chalet on the week of 23-29 july? that's the following week. any two days shud be okay since we dont have to go for the whole thing. alternatively, we can just meet up for lunch/dinner/shopping/ktv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yup that's kinda the only week for me at least, cos after that i have camp, then school starts liao :( ntu starts one week earlier AGAIN.

haha don't worry yong, i'm not involved in nbs camps! the demand for nbs camp is normally much more than supply, so they pick pple to attend! you probably looked too much like a convict la so they forsook you :) but you must attend ur hall camp k! it will be funnnn!! :D

keep blogging, everyone!

Friday, July 13, 2007


YESHYESHH!!! (boing boing boing!)

im for it! think we should have one class outing real soon! before sch starts!!! and welcome back yijun!!!! sorry i couldnt join you guys for dinner that time!!!!!! yayy! its time for a class outing after half a year!!! (can you believe it?!! our last outing was actually chinese new yr!!!) hahah! anws i like this layout!! nice and simple! hehhhs! :D

and the amt of entries here is very encouraging!! :D well i guess our blog is still very much alive!! haha!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


i sawwwww this tooooo~~
and nassim chalet yay!! yijun already agreed the last time we went to eat sambal stingray and satay with yonghuat at lao pa sak :D so lets set a date and gogogo!

i saw this too!

hey i saw the entries too k!


anyway i'm up for outing but i'll be interning and holidaying soon!

so let's organise quick!